I have had the passion of writing small children’s books with a purpose for years. I researched editing companies and reached out to a few, but I came across Inspire Editing site online, and read the testimonials. I’m so glad I reached out to Jessica and had her work on my books. She was always on time and kept in contact with me every step of the way. I highly recommend her, you will be very pleased with her service! 

Shawna Hamre

Author of Journeys of the Hen Pack

I was a very concerned manager about our music reviews for our website when our editor left, until Jessica joined our team. Jessica’s editorial skills make us look good and she loves music which helps. She tries to make sure to stay true to the writing style of our music reviewers and still shape the stories error free.

Dennis Gonzales

Promoter for POW Presents and former managing editor, POW Magazine

Jessica is one of the finest editors I have ever had the pleasure of working with. She has worked on several assignments I have given her and have always provided punctual and stellar work. I highly recommend her for any editing work you might have.

David Ruiz del Vizo

Aquisitions Editor, Blooming Twig Books

Jessica is the most talented editor I’ve ever had. I had tried several editors before I became to know Jessica. Average editors just correct my grammar mistakes, but she was different. I am an international student and my major is psychology. She totally understands my perspectives even though I am from a very different culture and have different views of thought. There are many terminologies in psychology most people don’t know, but she is knowledgeable enough to edit my essays. Jessica also looks up the terminologies in psychology that she does not know when she edits my essays. I like her attitude for her work and trust her very much.

Takeshi Ebato

Student, Golden Gate University

Jessica Stidd has been very good at editing for my website. She has a sharp eye and catches corrections that are needed for grammar and spelling in the English language. I highly recommend her if you are looking for someone to edit or proofread your website!

Nuon Chansarak

Jessica truly cares about her work and is constantly striving to be the best editor she can be. She has been very helpful with my academic writing and I hope to use her for my fictional work as well. Thank you Jessica!

Dr. Catherine Cary, Esq., L.L.M.

I hired Jessica to edit part of my website. She not only helped me polish it, she went beyond her editor role by serving as my brainstorming partner when I felt stuck. When she came back with her suggestion, something opened up, and from then on, things seemed to flow; I was able to write my content with clarity and better organization.

She was also very helpful when I was coming up with my new title, as well as selecting certain words and phrases to describe my business. From a third person’s perspective, she effectively explained the nuance of the word and how it may not be congruent to the service that I was providing. This of course helped me avoid potential confusion by misrepresenting myself. She also spent extra time to explain the subtle difference between certain words and the reason behind why one word might work better. Jessica is an editor, brainstorming partner, cheerleader and English teacher all in one package. She has a very gentle approach by correcting and making suggestions while honoring her client’s core message and style. I highly recommend her to anyone who needs extra help in his/her writing.

Yoshiko Inagaki